Dragon Age: Trials Short Film

Act 1
-Fade from black on a small brassier of fire.
-A hand appears out of the shadows throwing mystic powered into the fire.
-The camera follows the smoke panning up to the hero’s eyes.
-The title fades into the smoke and is then burned away as the hero’s eyes glow fiery white/blue. Screen blooms to white and begins the flashback.
-Flashback effect:
-Full shot of Morrigan running down a path away from the camera
-Close shot of Morrigan turning to the camera her face lining up with the Wanted Poster framing
-Wanted poster strobes over her face
-Additional flashback shots of Agent seeking Morrigan
-The bar scene between Agent and Gypsy
-Flying trucking shot (camera on a bike handlebars)down the king’s road
-hand held shot of signature landmarks along the path( rocks, unique trees)
-Last flash of Morrigan holding his sash before blooming to white and ending the flashback

Act 2
-Agent Awakens to daytime the brassier has long burned down.
-Agent picks up Morrigan’s book which has fallen out of his hand and flips through it before closing it and putting it in his pack.
-Wider shot of Agent grabbing his gear and marching out of frame.
-Agent walking the path from the flashback seeing the landmarks.
-Follows the landmarks off the main road to a side path
-Upon seeing a flash of clothing through the woods of someone sneaking ahead of him he draws his sword.
-Morrigan is asleep against a tree by a makeshift camp in front of this sneaky bandit
– Agent catches sight of Morrigan and quickly rushes the bandit who is startled into an upright position
-Morrigan is woken by the sound of armor clinking. She sees two armed men approaching. Still sitting she grabs her staff and blasts off camera.
-The woods erupt with light and the bandit is killed instantly. The Agent manages to get his shield up deflecting most of the blast but his sword is melted or thrown from his hand. He yells, “Wait!”
-Agent avoids a second spell that whizzes past his head. He yells, “The Templars are coming after you!”
-Morrigan reacts and appears to be focusing
-Agent looks down to see ice forming around his foots sticking it to the ground.
-Morrigan Grins and directs her staff toward the sky.
-The agent begins bashing the ice with his shield trying to free himself while a whistling is heard off camera. He looks up to see a meteorite plummeting toward him.
-More bashing with the shield on a block of real ice encasing his foot.
-Morrigan runs to avoid the blast but turns briefly seeming to recognize the Agent and mouthing the question, “You?” or “Could it be?”
– The Agent is thrown through the air by the force of the meteorite impact.
-Fade to Black

Act 3
-Fade in: The camera panning across burned grass and smoking dirt up to knight missing his shoe and lying flat on his back.
-Stomping and crashing is heard and the knight quickly, but painfully pulls himself up and scoots back into the brush. In the foreground a line of armored knights passes the camera. (The knights run circles around the camera man so we only need 3 or 4)
-After they pass the Agent relaxes and collects himself.
-The Agent gets up slowly and walks to a tree to reset a dislocated shoulder with a crunch and a groan.
-Over the tree line bursts of color and lights flash while loud crashes and shouts are heard just over the hill.
-Clearly in a lot of pain, The Agent picks up his boot dripping with melted snow.
-Lastly the Agent picks up his shield and looks over the tree line in the direction the army went where there is no more noise but possibly smoke rising.
-The Agent limps toward the ending battle.
-Upon cresting the hill the Agent find more bodies and more burned grass. He drops to a body and picks up a dagger. He also finds his sash clutching to a branch in the wind and picks it up slinging it over his head in a distracted motion.
-The Agent stumbles through the battlefield toward the next rise. He sees movement and a flash of crimson through the tall grass and drops to his knee to watch the scene.
-The scene comes into focus. Morrigan is tied by the wrists to a horse hitching post. Three knights are standing nearby. One is speaking to her in a rough way but we can’t make out his words. The other two appear to be bandaging themselves or catching their breath.
-The Agent reaches for his sword and recalls it isn’t there; he places the found dagger in the back of his belt hidden from view but within easy reach and hails the knights.
-The knights all start and draw their weapons. Upon seeing his sash they relax slightly and two of the knights holster their weapons and come to greet the Agent. The third stays back guarding Morrigan who struggles in her stocks.
-First knight fully sheathes his weapon and relaxes upon seeing the Agent’s face. This gives the agent an opening and he quickly stabs the first knight with the hidden dagger.
-Second Knight begins to react.
-Agent draws the first knight’s sword as he rolls off his shoulder to the ground.
-Agent quickly dispatches the second knight and is knocked to the ground by the Third who has rushed to the aid of the group.
-A fight scene which will be choreographed later featuring grappling moves and head butts.
-The fight ends with a sword clash and as the Agent looks over his sword/shield his eye flash and he pushes the third knight away powerfully.
-The knight comes back with a slash and his sword is broken by the power of the Agent. (we will make a prop of the third knights sword for breaking)
-The knight will cower fearfully and either retreat or be dispatched by the Agent.
-The Agent will collect himself and approach the still tied Morrigan who is low on mana but, trying to cast spells.
-With a deep sigh the Agent will say, “You didn’t let me finish… The Inquisition council requests your aid. I have come to protect you.” The Agent will cut her bonds with the dagger/sword and return her spell book.
-The final scene will be the two walking down the road with a dark cloudy sky overhead and the faint hint of rift green in the clouds.

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